A server is a computer system that provides services to other operating computer systems - clients. The server and the client communicate over a computer network. Supernet team designs servers according to your needs. Whether you want to exchange e-mails, files, websites, or any other resources, we will find an optimal solution. We are oriented towards and recommend open source servers because of their stability and compatibility with most network equipment that predominantly uses open source technologies. The main reason we use these servers is the freedom provided by this philosophy. If you want to share resources over your local network or outside of it, and to consolidate your business into server-client technology, contact us and together we will come up with a good idea. We are technically capable, depending on the hardware you have, of creating complex, but at the same time easy to use systems.

Supernet sets

Mail server

Mail server delivers emails over the computer network. If you do not want to use any of the existing mail services, and at the same time want stable and secure e-mail service, our team will, in cooperation with you, set up and put into operation such server. We will choose services according to your needs and provide documentation and support throughout the whole process.

Web server

The web (HTTP) server serves the web pages. Its task is to deliver valid content at the request of the client (browser). The default port for the web server is 80. You need to have a static IP address, good and stable internet connection and durable hardware. In case you want to serve web pages only within a local network, then just the local infrastructure is important.

FTP server

FTP (File transfer protocol) is the most commonly used protocol for data transfer between two computers on the network. FTP uses TCP/IP for network communication, which enables it to be reliable and session-oriented. Depending on the number of computers that access the server and the infrastructure you own, in discussion with you, we will come up with the best solution for your business.

File server

A file server is a computer that is connected to the network and provides shared access to the resources on the hard drive. Clients, in this case, take files from a server that shares its space on the hard drive. One example of the File server is NAS (Network attached storage). Contact us, and we will make it super.

IRC server

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server is a server that uses IRC protocol for message exchange. It is a relatively old but reliable method of messaging, and its implementation is useful for many reasons. Examples of IRC servers are Ngircd or UnrealIRCd servers. This form of message exchange is truly exotic, and because of that we strongly recommend it.

Combined server

This server is our winner. We deliver this product as a combination of multiple servers used for different purposes. All ports will be mapped smartly and handed over to the customer for easy management. We have developed this system to the level of automation. For that reason, this solution is relatively expensive as it involves considerable and continuous work.

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